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Guide Over Sands Walk Schedule
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Guide Over Sands Walk Schedule

Cross Bay Walks by Cedric Robinson 2017 across the Kent Estuary.


Start time
22nd AprilArnsideKents Bank2.30pm
23nd AprilArnsideKents Bank3.30pm
6th MayArnsideKents Bank2.45pm
7th MayArnsideKents Bank3.30pm
20th MayArnsideKents Bank12.30pm
21st MayArnsideKents Bank1.45pm
3rd JuneArnsideKents Bank1.00pm
4th JuneArnsideKents Bank2.15pm
17th JuneArnsideKents Bank10.45am
18th JuneArnsideKents Bank11.45am
1st JulyArnsideKents Bank11.15am
2nd JulyArnsideKents Bank12.15pm
29th JulyArnsideKents Bank9.45am
30th JulyArnsideKents Bank10.30am
19th AugustArnsideKents Bank3.45pm
2nd SeptemberArnsideKents Bank3.30pm
3rd SeptemberArnsideKents Bank4.00pm
16th SeptemberArnsideKents Bank2.30pm
17th SeptemberArnsideKents Bank3.45pm
30th SeptemberArnsideKents Bank1.30pm
1st OctoberArnsideKents Bank2.45pm

In normal conditions the walk takes 3 hours, due to the heavy rain in recent years, the walks had to move further out into the bay and they can take up to 4 hours.


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