We have guided thousands of walkers over the bay and based upon that experience we recommend that you read the next section very carefully.

What to expect:

The art of walking successfully across Morecambe Bay is to be prepared for a few eventualities.

Changeable weather and a varying terrain will be encountered.  First and foremost you should be able to walk 7 miles.

Underfoot,  Arnside to the shore includes sand, footpaths, lanes and marshland.  The bulk of the crossing is flat sand often rippled and sometimes covered in water.  Half way across you will navigate the Kent River where you can expect an average depth of up to 2ft (60cm) for a distance of some 50m.  The final leg of the walk is over marsh to Grange Promenade, there is a clear pathway but may sometimes be slippery.

Barefoot walking on sand is exhilarating but can be hard on your feet so ensure you have suitable footwear available, caring for your feet is of the utmost importance.  
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Tractor assistance is for emergencies only.  Please do not encourage your children to pester the drivers for lifts.

What to carry:

  • Personal  medication, including blister relief
  • Charged mobile phone
  • Sun cream (sand, sun and sea can be a fierce combination)
  • Liquid refreshment.  There are no toilets on the crossing, so consider your needs.
  • Energy snacks/lunch
  • A hat (a peak will protect your eyes)
  • Sunglasses, if appropriate
  • Breathable lightweight clothing, a waterproof and a few extra layers if you feel the cold

“We are encouraging people who take part in the Cross Bay Walk to help protect the beautiful environment by not bringing single use plastics on the walk, and disposing of rubbish responsibility.  You could bring along a reusable water bottle instead of plastic for example. Make sure you take your rubbish home to recycle and dispose of it responsibly.  Your actions are helping us keep Morecambe Bay special for its local communities and wildlife. “

Note:  The Abbott/Lamberts  Hotel, at Kent’s Bank , where walkers have traditionally fed and watered is currently closed. 

Starting Point: Arnside

Finishing Point: Grange Promenade

Download our Guide Over Sands additional Information: