There have been a number of guides over the years and they have all been very experienced in the workings and the dynamics of the bay.

They have usually been from local fisherman stock and the present two incumbents are no different.

Current Guides to the sands are:

MICHAEL WILSON – Guide to the Kent Estuary

Michael is a local fisherman and works from Flookburgh. Michael has spent many years on the Sand with his Father, grandfather and Great grandfather, what Michael doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. Michael took on the role as Guide in 2019 and is thoroughly enjoying walking the sands on the selected bay walk weekends. Michael still ventures out onto the sand in between bay walks, Musseling, Shrimping, Cockling, Net Fishing, Boat Fishing and all things fishing…

RAYMOND PORTER – Guide to the Leven Estuary

Raymond is a local fisherman and works from Canal Foot near Ulverston.  He has the responsibility for walks across the Leven Estuary and usually walks people from Canal Foot to Chapel Island and back again. Raymond is also an active fisherman and can be be seen out on the bay Shrimping.